Price list:



Thai classic massage


Erotic massag with

happy end

30 min = 50€

60 min = 80€

120 min = 160€


4-hands massage

60 min = 160€


Nuru massage

60 min = 150€


Tantra massage

60 min = 110€


Mo - Sa

from 10 am tot 10 pm

Sunday with appointment



Thai traditional massage

Traditional Thai massage is a form of massage that is thousands of years old. This traditional form of massage is good for the energy pathways of the body. There are pressure points stimulated causing blockages in the body can be reduced or completely eliminated.

Even if you do not suffer from these complaints, the traditional Thai massage, a relaxation. It cleanses your body and then you feel energetic again and totally relaxed.



Relax Massage

Relaxing oil massage makes your totally relaxed. By hot oil will reduce muscle tension, increases flexibility and internal organs are stimulated. The oil massage also brings the energy back into balance.

The lady perhaps have the massage with a body-to-body massage. It should treat your body with her naked oiled body. In a sensual way she slips and twists your spine and puts you in a great relaxing ecstasy.



Sensual massage

This massage is a full body massage with sensual touch and intense erotic seduction; This massage promotes and enhances sensuality, which can lead to fewer inhibitions.



Erotic Massage Oil

Thai oil massage especially has a relaxing effect. This massage works preventively for good physical and mental health by relaxing your muscles. The erogenous zones are spoiled and the masseuse is completely naked to give you a body-to-body massage.



4 or 6-hands massage

This massage is performed by two or three masseuses. In a harmonious collaboration and using essential oils glide four or six hands over your lichaaam and let you soar into the seventh heaven.




Nuru massage

The Nuru Massage is a style that originated in Japan. It is a very sensual massage between 2persons using full body contact. The whole body will relax and be stimulated to a sexual desire for both partners.

It is a fact that people have fun to come into contact with each other. A sensual massage with Nuru gel leads to erotic feelings and thus the sensuality without inhibitions are experiencing. Summarizing the Nuru massage leads to a lot of fun.

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